About us

Turnkey Design & Construction


The core of QMG business remains

Design to build and construction of large buildings and human settlements

  • Essential Services
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Warehouses

Civil & Structural

Construction of large structures in public and private infrastructure, including heavy civil structures, roads and pipelines

  • Pump House, Springs
  • Road Construction
  • Industrial Structures

Turnkey Design

Integral to the successful implementation of housing projects is the capacity to manage the overall project. This function entails the overall project management, from the sourcing of land, bulk and link infrastructure, appointment and management

  • Project Start Up
  • Design Development
  • Contract Documentation
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Project Close-out


Our Products and Services

  • Coking coal- heated in the absence of air
  • Semi coking coal- heated in absence of air but not fed to the blast furnace
  • NLW coking coal-high ash content
  • Non-choking coal-used as thermal grade coal for power generation, cement etc
  • Washed and beneficiated coal-reduced ash percentage, used in power generation/
  • industrial plants
  • Middlings-by-product of 3 stage coal washing
  • Rejects-product of coal benefication after separation used for boilers, road repairs
  • briquetts and landfilling
  • Smokeless coal-used in furnaces, kilns, industrial units and hotels


Energy: QMG has the power to help you build a stronger business.

The modern world would be nothing without the predictable and reliable manufacture, distribution and supply of energy. The energy industry is multi-faceted and diverse, comprising a wide range of disciplines and processes.


  • Electricity generation, electric power distribution and sales can be complex – so let QMG help you to simplify and optimize the process. We have a wide range of services to assist electrical power companies from power generation to risk analysis.


  • From exploration services to the decommissioning of a mine that has come to the end of its useful life, QMG has a comprehensive range of services for the coal industry.


  • Renewable energy is one of the world’s hottest topics. It comprises alternative energy and sustainable energy companies.
  • All of our energy-related services can be used on a standalone basis or to augment your existing working processes and methodologies.